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Riley: Buffy, she's pretty cool, huh? Forrest: Yes, already! She's cool. She's hot. She's tepid. She's all-temperature Buffy

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Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by George R.R. Martin.




The end credits of game of thrones are on a black background specifically so you can see the look of horror on your face reflected in your computer screen

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Deleted scenes from Gravity

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Not to rub salt in the wound or anything (spoilers: I’m totally gonna rub salt in the wound) I think she was just stunned. Not angry.  She has no reason to be angry with Clara - she’d be first in line to tell the Doctor not to travel alone.  But she’d been with him for so long, loved him so much, and yeah, she probably tried to convince herself he wouldn’t talk about her after she was gone—after all, he doesn’t talk about anyone else.  But as his wife, as his lover and his friend and everything else she was to him it’s not that hard to believe she’d hold out hope anyway.  That maybe she’d be different.  Not that she’d want him to cling to her, or to be in pain because of her, but she was human, and she wanted to be remembered.  She wanted him to remember her, to keep her, to maybe, just maybe, tell someone else what she meant to him, and maybe that way it would make it real.  Maybe that way she wouldn’t have to ask, wouldn’t ever wonder if maybe it was all just a ruse.  Just destiny.  (If you ever loved me— hundreds of years of time and space, and then having to ask that question. Personally it’s one of the most painful moments of their entire arch.)  So here’s Clara, this adorable, young, intriguing woman—everything River used to be, really—saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you! No idea you and the Doctor had anything going on.’  And I don’t think Clara meant it maliciously, but can you imagine the punch to the gut that would be? Just stacked on top of everything else, of being trapped in the data core, a ghost following a lover, craving just some sign that he can hear her, that he wants to hear her; and then—no, sorry.  Didn’t realise you were important to him at all. 

Please notice that I didn’t say that I had a problem with River being angry at Clara in that scene. I said I had a problem with people interpreting it that way.

It’s a “punch in the gut”, alright. I feel for her, grieve for her. (Even though overall the episode leaves little doubt that the Doctor does not only remember her, but love her deeply… but that’s a whole different level of hurt that follows.) That’s not what I was contesting.

You’ve explained in marvelous detail why this is incredibly painful for her - and you’re of course very much correct. But it’s very much up to the audience to interpret what form the emotion she’s showing in that moment takes. Is it her expressing resentment towards Clara? Is it her attempting to mask the anguish she must be experiencing at the moment? Are her thoughts centered on the girl sitting in front of her, or herself and the Doctor - the man she married, the man who saved her, but who never contacted her afterwards and who is apparently not even acknowledging the fact that they had a close relationship (not even mentioning marriage here…)?

I just refuse to believe her primary reaction here is ire towards Clara.

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it’s weird how this is actually really good advice

BBC—take note.